About us

We are Canadians just like you...who have lived with overweight and obesity. We have experienced weight bias, fallen into diet traps and unrealistic goals set out by the fitness industries in the quest for being accepted by society. Now, we want to empower you, allow you to share your thoughts, reduce the feelings of isolation and frustration and provide credible resources.

We are focusing on:

  • Elevating the conversation of weight and its impact on health
  • Busting myths and supplying our community with evidence-based resources related to obesity
  • Changing the dialogue around obesity, from blame and shame to empowerment and inclusion
  • Advocating for public policy and environmental changes that enable health and well-being
  • Being recognized as a supportive community that accepts people of all sizes

Executive Team

We are a group of people with common experiences and concerns. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for communities across Canada to share personal feelings, experiences, coping strategies, and offer support so they can take action and seek the help they deserve.

Priti Chawla

Executive Director

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Sandra Elia

Director, Education & Patient 

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Rachel Atkins

Director, Strategy

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Rosemarie Childerhose

Director, Communications & Policy

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Atefeh Golpaie

Clinical Advisor

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Nadja Urech

Manager, Membership and Community Relations

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Advisory Board

To have a systemic impact on increasing support and programming for the community it is essential to have experienced people who believe in our cause and are able to guide us.  We are fortunate that individuals who are already part of the organization’s success to-date have agreed to join our Advisory Board.

Andrew Locker

Advisory Board Member

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Lisa Machado

Advisory Board Member

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Patrick Manfred

Advisory Board Member

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Join the Team

If you feel just as strongly to help our community, join us in this movement.

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