While some advancements in healthcare are encouraging for people living with obesity, they still face weight stigma on a daily basis within the healthcare system and in society at large. People living with obesity face inadequate access to care compared to people living with other chronic diseases, and a reluctance from the Canadian government to acknowledge obesity as the disease it is has led to so much needless pain. But with your help, we can advocate for improved health resources for our community to improve people’s lives and well-being.

Help Advocate with Obesity Matters

Facts That Matter: There are 7.3 million adults living with obesity in Canada. 1 in 3 of these people require …

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Policy Brief

In 2018, 26.8% of Canadians 18 and older (roughly 7.3 million adults) reported height and weight that classified them as …

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April 27, 2024

Your Health Matters Summit 2024

Your Health Matters Summit 📅 Date: April 27, 2024 🕘 Time: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM EDT 📍 Location: Village …

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